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Artist's Journal

A deeper insight into the artist's work and process.

Reflections on motherhood and art



On taking time to reflect

Recently, I felt an intense need to write about my experience as a new mother. It was tough to find a few hours of uninterrupted time but when I finally managed to do so, I realized that in the past six months since my daughter was born, I have not had a chance to reflect on my new identity and its influence on my work. Writing this has given me a much-needed time to process what had changed and as a result, regain some sense of control over my life, that I felt had been lost. No wonder I have been craving to write this!

If you are a new parent, I recommend you to dedicate some time for such reflection, whenever you manage to do so. Sit down with a nice cup of tea and write what comes to mind. This is a very therapeutic experience. 

On the world around me

One of the most amazing things about motherhood is that the outside world has become fresher, shinier, more interesting, more fun. I feel more curious about life, as I see it through a prism of my daughter’s perception. Ordinary experiences are accompanied by a feeling you get, when you are about to show something to a friend that you know they will absolutely love. As an artist, being able to see the world with a renewed sense of wonder is precious and I look forward to conveying this through my work. 

Not only does being kind to myself feel better, it is actually more productive.

On being kind

I have got to admit that over the last few months I have been engaging in a lot of self-criticism. Why can’t I find more time to work? Why can’t I be as productive as before the baby? I did not quite understand, until I got a chance to reflect on this while preparing to write this blog. It reminded me to be kinder and more patient with myself and not to doubt my own abilities.

When trying to juggle parenthood and work, rather than criticising yourself for what you have not done, try to give yourself praise for what you HAVE done. Not only does this feel better, it is actually more productive. 


On being authentic

As a mother, I want to influence my daughter, in a way that she is able to reach her potential. This does not mean to be striving for perfection; for me, it is down to being balanced, living with integrity, peace and kindness towards yourself and others. My best bet to empower her is to keep striving to reach my own potential. This means not only continue to pursue my passion for art but also engage in art that is true to myself. 

On making a difference

I see having a baby as a privilege. Life has given me a gift for which I am immensely grateful. As a result, I feel that I need to give back, by making a positive difference. I want to make art that enhances the lives of people. If I could choose anything, what impact would I want my work to have? Watch this space... 

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