Ariadna Dane is an artist living and working in London, UK.


About Ariadna

Ariadna Dane is an artist living and working in London, UK. Through her upbringing in Siberia and travelling, she has discovered a connection to nature, which has become a source of inspiration for her evolving art practice. 

About the work

Ariadna is currently developing two bodies of work: “Basal Elements” in black and white and “Organic Wreaths” in colored inks.

The creative process involves experimentation with techniques to imitate and amplify nature. Ariadna creates forms and textures that have a natural aesthetic and quality, reminiscent of organic cells, celestial structures, basic life forms or fossils. Due to the nature of materials and techniques used, the process of making is fluid and alive. The resulting forms and textures are partially chance and partially calculation; the outcome of both ceding the artist’s control over the process and being acutely aware of the development of forms and textures. Just like in nature, every resulting element is unique and cannot be repeated. 

To complete her compositions, Ariadna uses a combination of cut-out and collage techniques. While echoing shapes of the ink elements, the cutouts represent their stark contrast, highlighting disparity between natural and artificial, valuable and hollow, existence and extinction, having and loosing.