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Artist collaboration and auction


It all started in the comfort of Alice Neave’s art studio… Gathered among the work and art materials, the three artists, Alice, Harriet Hoult and I, discussed the possible ways in which we could join our efforts to advance our art practices.

Following a myriad of ideas, we all agreed to have a go at an artistic collaboration, whereby the three of us will work together to produce a new piece (or a few);  and one of the best parts about this – we will be working outside, in one of London’s many beautiful parks (why stay inside when we can take advantage of the good weather?).

The aim of this collaboration goes beyond producing new work. For me, it is more about the process: learning each other’s skills, exchanging creative ideas, risking, breaking habits, and igniting fresh inspiration.

As artists, we spend most of the time working on our own, exercising a reasonably good control of the outcome. As a result, coming together as a team is bound to be a challenge. But while our approaches are very different, we really admire each other’s work and are prepared to work in tandem to bring new dimensions to our creative work.

To take our collaboration one step further, we will auction the resulting work with all proceeds going to the UK charity, The Khadija Saye Memorial Fund, set up to support, train and mentor young artists whose background and circumstances might not necessarily grant them access to such support. Khadija was a talented young artist who recently died in the devastating fire at the Grenfell Tower in London, an event that moved us deeply. Read more about Khadija and her work here.   

We are very lucky to have the support of one of our favorite art suppliers, Cass Art, who will provide us with the materials for this project. Just like the charity, Cass Art has been passionate about nurturing young artists and we are proud to be sponsored by them.

The results of such an artist collaboration have been likened to a recording of an artistic conversion (or an argument), with each new stroke being a counterpoint to the previous statement. If you want to see how our conversation eventually develops, follow our progress on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. The collaboration will happen on the 4th of July and we will be posting live, as it happens. 

UPDATE: As a result of the collaboration we have produced five artworks which were auctioned in July 2017. We raised over £1,000 for the Khadija Saye Memorial Fund.