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Artist's Journal

A deeper insight into the artist's work and process.

Open Studios show: the results


Many weeks of active preparations, challenging myself to create new work and come out of my comfort zone in order to put on a good exhibition for the visitors of the Open Studios show, have finally paid off.

During the four days over 11 – 14 May, thousands of people have visited the show and I had the immense pleasure of welcoming some of them to my studio.

As an artist, I spend a lot of time one to one with my work, experimenting, contemplating, making mistakes and having revelations. So it was wonderful to finally share the results and receive an overwhelmingly positive feedback, including a mention on the social media channels of the Open Studios sponsor, Cass Art. And I am very pleased that some of my works have found new owners.

The conversations I had with the visitors have revealed new and deeper levels of meaning of my work and inspired me even more to continue developing it.

Finally, some of the meetings promise to lead to exciting new collaborations and I will be telling you more about this in the future.